Reflection Activities
Rocket Writing-Students record what they have learnt in an exact number of words (e.g 21). Students peer assess the writing by reading, doing a word count and giving a score out of 5.

Traffic Light- Green, yellow red/3, 2, 1- E.g 3 things learnt, 2 questions, 1 want to know or don't understand. Students can also use traffic light colour sticky dots to dot their work about how confident they feel with the concept/content.
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Confidence line- Students use whiteboard markers to put their initial on the line at the start and end of the lesson to show their change in understanding in relation to the Learning Intention.

Leave Pass- Students need to provide verbal or written responses to questions related to the lessons content before they can leave.

Finish the sentence-provide students with unfinished sentences about the key concepts of the lesson and have them finish them.

Reflection Compass- Click here to watch


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