Until next time... Here are the intentions that people have established. We will discuss these when we come back together (week 3 for the Year 9 team and week 4 for the 1012 team)...

Matt - Use a self and peer assessment tool (adapted from Prue's work - see "Reflection Psychology" below). Matt adapted Prue's sheet and created a 'self', 'peer' and 'teacher' sheet. For Year 11 Physics, students were given a rubric and space for 'self' and 'peer' assessment. Matt stated that he didn't want the peer to copy what the person being assessed had said. Students need more guidance to better use the peer feedback and give advice on HOW to improve. Matt gives the guidance on HOW at the moment.
Erin - use a self and peer assessment tool (adapted from Prue's work - see "Reflection Psychology" below)
Prue - streamline feedback processes Prue has only used Compass this time (SAC 3). She has made their comments available and students were then required to comment on what they read and then they could receive their comment. Comments were more alike and lacked a pesonalised touch (3rd person).
Viveka - use more accessible language and use a self reflective tool with the Year 11s Viveka has used Compass to deliver "student focused" feedback that uses student friendly language in Year 9 Forensics class.
Krystal - Try comment before grade release and improve Compass feedback. Krystal tried comment before grade with the Year 9 Biology Discovery. Students needed to make a comment on their feedback. Rebuttal or asking a question. Received some really interesting comments. For Compass, now ensures that there are strategies that students can use to improve their results. Feedback is more explicit than it was.
Alicia - Using three different feedback mechanisms. Time pressure to deliver written feedback. Makes sure that every time giving feedback, gives a positive and some areas for improvement. Gives strategies to improve and work towards learning goal. Feels more conscious about being specific.

Honnie - Finding feedback difficult at the moment with new class. Is going to use a proforma to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their own work and how they can improve. Students to reflect on their learning behaviours.
Lauren - Comment before mark
Lawry - Comment before mark
Sue -
Gracie - Students receiving feedback on SAC as dot points. Students are then required to make their own strategies for working on particular areas (were do they need help/what can they do etc)



Formative Assessment and Effective Feedback - PLT 1 2014

Reference Materials - A pool of resources to refer to throughout our PLT

Here is a photo of the SERVER PATHWAY to the College's SIT information from 2013. This includes a RANGE of TEMPLATES for delivering feedback.

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